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Templates, Tools, and Resources to Rocket Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Running your crowdfunding campaign can feel overwhelming if you aren't super organized with your social media posts, content strategy, and email marketing organized in one place.

If you want a simplified approach, easy-to-customize templates, and a social media content calendar all in one place with key milestones,

and updates to keep your backers engaged throughout your campaign, then you'll want what's inside the Crowdfunding Vault.

These tools have been refined and developed since managing authors' crowdfunding campaigns since 2017, so they have been tried and tested and they WORK.

With these organizational tools and templates, you'll not only be more organized but you'll feel more confident about your plan to rocket past your campaign goals.

This is not a course but rather, a resource library or a vault full of helpful tools and resources to help you manage your book's Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign logistics.

Save time with

        • 9 x Customizable email templates to your friends and family for a smooth launch day
        • 2 x Pitch emails to journalists, podcasters, and bloggers
        • Launch Day Email Sequence to target readers who haven't yet seen your launch email
        • Email autoresponder text
        • Pre-launch activities and customizable timeline so you're always working toward your goals
        • Launch day checklist
        • Campaign goal calculator
        • Reward tier creator and calculator to price your rewards correctly
        • Data visualization tools to help you manage your campaign
        • Question and Answers Video replay with Kickstarter's Director of Publishing and Comics Outreach - Oriana Leckert

Identify the key marketing messages that will resonate and engage with your backers.

Work efficiently and stay on top of your TO-DO list with checklists and activity tracking spreadsheets.

Your time is limited and valuable during a crowdfunding campaign, which is why you need to use your time as wisely as possible.

Stay organized with all of these tools and save time with email templates to build and engage your audience before you launch and during your campaign.

Not only do you gain access to everything inside, but enrolling in the Crowdfunding Vault also gives you access to my Clients-Only Facebook Group where I post helpful tips, additional tutorials, and provide feedback.

$129 for lifetime access (+VAT, if applicable)

"Lisa's resources in this Vault make strategy and research easy to understand and daunting tasks seem totally possible."

- Erin Nelsen Parekh, author and two-time Kickstarter creator of the Shakespeare for Babies series

"Calculating my total campaign goal was so difficult because I had international backers and I knew the shipping costs would contribute to my total goal.

Lisa's tools and more specifically, her campaign goal calculator, helps authors figure out exactly how much they need to raise to cover their expenses.

Save time and stress by knowing exactly how much to set the total goal for so you don't end up over- or underfunding your book."

- Elisavet Arkolaki, Children's book writer and Kickstarter creator for the book, Where Am I From?

Your Instructor

Lisa Ferland
Lisa Ferland

Lisa Ferland is a crowdfunding consultant for children's book authors, fiction and non-fiction authors. With the latest strategies, rewards, and audience building approaches, Lisa's authors have raised close to $1M on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for books in all genres.

Course Curriculum

  Selecting the Right Platform
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  Developing Your Book's Marketing Messages
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the Crowdfunding Vault?
The Crowdfunding Vault is full of awesome resources, trainings, and templates that I give to my 1:1 crowdfunding clients and they are adapted based on what I've used during my campaigns. All of the email templates will need your voice to appeal to your audience, so you'll still need to do some work but the heavy lifting has been done already.
How long do I have access to the Vault?
As long as you want but most people probably won't need Vault access for longer than 1-3 months during the pre-launch phase of their campaign.
What if I am unhappy with what's in the Crowdfunding Vault?
If you feel you made a huge mistake contact me during the first 30 days and we will chat. I don't want anyone to be unsatisfied or unhappy with the materials I provide.
How often is the Vault updated?
The Vault will be updated whenever I notice a shift in the sands at Kickstarter or IndieGoGo and as my clients face new challenges. The point of the Vault is to have the resources you need at your fingertips to help you prepare an amazing crowdfunding campaign for your book. The Vault was last updated February 2024.
I need more help than what is in the Vault. Do you have anything else?
You are welcome to contact me at [email protected] if you want to book a customized strategy session with me or hire me to be your 1:1 crowdfunding coach. I'm happy to help you!

If you're still unsure, are you ready to hop off the fence?😉

This Crowdfunding Vault is for you if:

  • You’re getting ready to launch and want customizable templates and resources from someone who’s done it, has helped over 100 authors do it across genres, and is a great motivator.
  • You’ve got a "anything is figure-outable" attitude and some experience. You’re not afraid to ask Google or get in touch with tech support when needed.
  • You want a successful Kickstarter campaign and know that staying organized is key combatting overwhelm and dread.
  • You’re familiar with my work and know I deliver.

Get started now!